Memory Partners

Our Mission:

To help people understand memory and cognitive changes and learn skills to live everyday at their best ability. 

We want to decrease frustration and increase success. 

Our in-home Occupational Therapy program:

photo of older man and woman sitting next to a harbor

  • Evaluates a person's cognition and helps identify any deficits that affect daily life
  • Educates on the reasons for these changes and why tasks are more challenging
  • Provides recommendations for the most appropriate level of support
  • Instructs on techniques for communication and activity set up to keep people as independent as possible
  • Communicates with other health care professionals involved in care as indicated

Have you noticed any of these changes with your loved one?

      Normal aging vs signs of dementia?

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Who are "Care Partners"? 

  • Memory Partners uses the term Care Partner more often than Care Giver because of our emphasis on an interdependent relationship that emphasizes the strengths and gifts of each person
  • When two people partner in care, they can each grow as individuals and therefore each feel uniquely useful and helpful - even if one has a diagnosis of a progressive cognitive condition.

Care Partners - have you wondered:

  • Am I communicating with my loved one in the most effective way?
  • Am I using the most appropriate words and phrasing?
  • Is my loved one in the safest environment?
  • Am I doing too much or too little for my loved one?
  • Is there more support out there to help me?

We Can Help.

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    Why  meaningful activity is so important

We look forward to hearing from you.