Evaluation Process

What to expect at the initial evaluation visit:

Prior to the first visit you will complete and review a little paperwork  for us to go over.

If you're not able to - don't worry we can do it together.

We will have spoken on the phone or in person and had an initial intake conversation to set up our first visit.

  • First visit you should plan on about 90 minutes of time
  • Evaluation will likely take place at the kitchen or dining room table initially
  • Evaluation is focused on the patient with care partner nearby for input as needed
  • Evaluation covers question and answer section, paper and pencil tasks, other tools and activities
  • Another section is focused on day to day functional tasks -particularly ones that are more challenging

When the evaluation is complete, there will be a brief overview of the results and a plan will be  made for follow up visits to go over the assessment in detail and plan for treatment sessions depending on the program selected.